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How to buy electric wheelchair

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  1. Look at the controller. The controller is the heart of electric wheelchair. At present, the electric wheelchair controllers on the market mainly include PG controller, danametek controller and domestic controller. Due to the large number of domestic imported controllers, the stability of most domestic controllers has been greatly improved, and the advantages of imported controllers over domestic controllers are no longer obvious.62. Look at the motor. Electric wheelchair motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush regularly, but the inertia is very small when driving; Brushless motor does not need maintenance, but it is fast and has slight inertia. The quality of motor depends on the material of magnetic cylinder and coil. Therefore, price differences exist. The noise and power of electric wheelchairs can be compared. The gear box is matched with the motor. The quality of the gear box depends on the metal material and sealing performance. As there are gears in the gearbox engaging and rubbing with each other, lubricating oil is required, so the tightness of oil seal and sealing ring is very important.5

3. Look at the battery. Batteries are divided into lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries have small volume, light weight, more cycle charging and discharging times and longer service life, but the price is more expensive; The price of lead-acid battery is affordable, but its volume and weight are large, and the number of cyclic charge and discharge is only about 300-500 times. The weight of lithium battery electric wheelchair is relatively light, generally about 25kg. For example, famous brands such as mailebu electric wheelchair, Golden Lily electric wheelchair and shulaishi scooter all use lithium battery as the power source. The weight of the whole vehicle is light and easy to fold, which can be used at home and travel.

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4. Look at the electromagnetic brake. Electromagnetic brake is the safety guarantee of an electric wheelchair, which is essential. In order to reduce the cost, many electric wheelchairs on the market remove the electromagnetic braking function, and reduce the configuration of necessary parts such as motor gearbox. Such an electric wheelchair can drive on a flat road, but it will slide on an uphill or downhill road. Judging whether an electric wheelchair has automatic braking function is actually very simple. When purchasing, turn off the power supply of the electric wheelchair and push it forward. If it can be pushed slowly, it means that the electric wheelchair does not have electromagnetic braking, and vice versa.


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