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In December 2006, Jo Young Company was officially established, specializing in CRT TV chipboards.

In April 2007, Fujian Civic, a subsidiary of Jo Young, was established, resulting in a significant increase in the production of CRT TV core boards.

In June 2008, Jo Young relocated to the new office building and held a supplier celebration party.

In September 2008, Jo Young's subsidiary Fujian Jindong Company was established, specializing in SKD casing kits and CRT TV core boards.

In July 2012, Jo Young relocated to a new office building and focused on LCD TV products.

In October 2013, Jo Young Company contracted the INTECH processing plant in Indonesia to engage in LCD screen disassembly, refurbishment, and overall LCD production.

In November 2015, Jo Young Company established a factory in Thailand to carry out large-scale LCD screen disassembly, refurbishment, and LCD machine production business.

In March 2018, Jo Young established a touch display department to research and produce products such as touch all-in-one machines, nano blackboards, and advertising machines, in order to extend display products.

In January 2022, Jo Young established the Vision Department to conduct research on visual products (AI inspection, AI security, etc.).