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FoShan Jo Young Electronics Co.,Ltd. has been devoted to the research and development, design, production and marketing of interactive touch screen whiteboard,touch screen LED smart TV,electronic podium,smart school classroom solution for education and business.
We can provide complete sets of equipment, CKD / SKD assembly kits and software solutions.
For more than ten years, our products have been sold all over the world, which has been widely used in various fields of daily work and life.

Company Profile

Jo Young Electronics is currently one of the top quality global whiteboard manufacturing companies. Its products are exported 
to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. It has unique service charm and professional engineering team to occupy the domestic and foreign market share. 
With excellent service management system, we adhere to the "new technology, sunshine life" as the business philosophy, committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective products. Our goal is "customer, customer's wishes". 
Improving customer satisfaction is the direction of continuous progress to achieve the sustainable 
development of enterprise strategy.
In the era of global economy,we trust and respect individuals,achieve and conteibute to the pursuit of excellence.
We wil continue to work hard as begore,adhere to integrity,honest business activitires,rely on teamwork to achieve our goal 
of encouraging flexibility and creativity,and constantly participate in the market competition of customers 
at home and abroad, work together to create brilliant romorrow.

About us

Quality Certification
We firmly believe in the foundation of quality brand, our excellent quality management system, to provide customers with the best quality products, thus winning the praise of customers.
Efficient Service Team
We have a strong engineering team to provide you with the most efficient technical services,good product and after sales service,high quality products,
perfect logistics system,Preferential price
Professional Engineering Planning,System after-sales service,A wide range of global customers.

Product introduction

The interactive infrared intelligent whiteboard of Foshan JoYoung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. integrates modern technologies such as computer, information technology and electronic technology. It has infrared touch, intelligent writing on the same screen, whiteboard of intelligent conference education, 
flat panel projection screen display of mobile phone, which can comprehensively improve conference efficiency and data. It covers the whole conference process, 
can optimize teaching methods, enrich the modern teaching content of future education.
JoYoung provides you with the best product plan.

Interactive Whiteboard

A New and Efficient Office Way for Conference Scene Writing, Presentation, Interaction, etc.

Touch Screen TV

 Use the best solution equipment in classroom teaching, demonstration, enterprise training, etc.

Electronic Podium

Electronic podium with MIC,touch screen monitor,document camera, casters,central controller,etc.

Smart Nano Blackboard

Chalk writing blackboard and enectronic whiteboard with screen PPT projection writing function.

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Continuously improve the quality and
function of enterprise products, it has won
high recognition and praise from customers
in the industry. contact information: 
Foshan Joyoung Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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