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What is Smart TV?

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    Smart TV is a TV product based on Internet application technology, equipped with an open operating system and chip, and has an open application platform. It can achieve two-way human-computer interaction, integrating video, entertainment, data and other functions to meet the diverse and personalized needs of users. Specifically, smart TV has the following significant features:

    1. Humanization: Smart TVs can learn and understand users' operating habits, recommend relevant content based on users' viewing history and preferences, and provide more personalized services for users.

    2.Openness: Smart TVs provide a fully open platform, allowing users to install and uninstall various application software on their own, continuously expanding and upgrading the functionality of the TV.

    3. Rich video resources: Smart TVs can integrate various video resources to provide users with rich online content, including movies, TV series, variety shows, and more.

    4. Intelligent operation: Smart TVs support voice operation, gesture operation, and other operating methods, allowing users to control the TV more conveniently.

    In addition, smart TVs also feature powerful Chinese voice control systems, high-end configurations, multi-screen interactions, and other features that make the TV experience more convenient and efficient. Compared to ordinary TVs, smart TVs have significant advantages in network connectivity, built-in applications and functions, operating systems and interfaces, video streaming and online content, and smart home control.

    At present, smart TV has become the mainstream trend of TV products, not only meeting the needs of users for high-quality audio-visual experience, but also providing strong support for the realization of smart home. With the continuous advancement of technology, the functions and performance of smart TV will continue to improve, bringing users a richer experience.