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What are the commercial display products?

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    Commercial display products refer to products with display functions that are used in non-family and public environments to convey information to individual and multiple individuals. There are many types of commercial display products, including but not limited to the following:

    1. LCD commercial displays: This category includes large-screen TV walls, digital signage, interactive touchscreens, industrial displays, and educational displays. Large-screen TV walls are made up of multiple LCD displays and are commonly used in shopping malls, exhibitions, sports venues, etc. Digital signage is used in commercial environments to convey information, advertising, or other content. Interactive touchscreens allow users to interact with the screen. Industrial displays are designed for extreme environments such as factories, workshops, medical equipment, etc. Educational displays are mainly used in the field of education, including interactive whiteboards, classroom projectors, etc.

    2. LED display screen: LED display screens are widely used in various commercial venues. For example, in sports venues, they are used to display scores, timing, playback, etc.; in transportation nodes, they are used to display traffic instructions and road condition information; in stores and shopping centers, they are used to display product information and advertisements; in conference centers or exhibition halls, they are used to display conference content or exhibit information.

    3. LCD square display: This type of display has a length-to-width ratio of 1:1 and is a custom-cut, special liquid crystal product. They are often used in commercial new retail, chain restaurants, cosmetics stores, high-end luxury goods stores, boutiques, exhibitions, and other fields.

    In addition, commercial display products also include OLED displays, and their application fields are constantly expanding. These products not only have the function of information display, but also can achieve various functions such as promotion and decoration through different designs and technologies, bringing practical commercial benefits to businesses.

    With the continuous development of technology, the types and application fields of commercial display products are also constantly expanding, and the continuous emergence of new display technologies has also brought new opportunities and challenges to the commercial display market.